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The National Jewish Theater Foundation - Celebrating Our Second Decade of Commitment

Since 2007, the National Jewish Theater Foundation has presented theatrical works that celebrate the richness of Jewish heritage and culture. Under the leadership of its founder and President, Arnold Mittelman, the NJTF promotes the appreciation and preservation of Jewish musical and dramatic theatrical artists. As one of the foremost performing arts organizations to focus exclusively on Jewish theater, NJTF is committed to educating the public on Jewish content and themes. NJTF productions are presented to diverse audiences across America and throughout the world.

It was their commitment to celebrating Jewish history and artistry that inspired the leaders of NJTF to launch in 2010 a Holocaust Theater International Initiative (HTII) to fill a major void and examine how one of the greatest catastrophes in Jewish and World history has been made more understandable through the insights, creativity and courage of Jewish theater artists and others of differing backgrounds. In late 2016 the HTII became part of the University of Miami, Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies. Mr. Mittelman was named its Founding Director. It is the first and only comprehensive University-based initiative focused on Holocaust Theater research, educational programs and related productions. This work is sustained by generous donations to the NJTF HTII Second Decade Legacy Fund.