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Support Holocaust Theater Research, Education and Production. Preserve its Timeless Lessons.

Please support NJTF/HTII Second Decade Legacy Fund and preserve the impact of our proven and critically needed programs. As world issues of division, hate and bigotry grow, the power of Holocaust related theater and theater techniques must be used to develop empathy and understanding in young people. It offers creative ways of expression and learning that helps them solve the challenging issues they face today.

NJTF/HTII Second Decade Legacy Fund is a campaign that builds on the national accomplishments made possible by the generosity of our inaugural donors. It allows us to innovate and respond to the opportunities that are now available internationally.

Annual Gifts of $5,000, $10,000, and more are crucial to our success. Your tax-deductible contributions will help us sustain and expand our production, research and education endeavors. We thank you.

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