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National Jewish Theater Foundation - Holocaust Theater International Initiative at the University of Miami's Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies

The NJTF/HTI at UM Miller Center grew out of a series of conferences and a major program grant funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and private donors. Developed by more than 50 nationally recognized Holocaust scholars, archivists and theater artists, it has three components:

(1) Holocaust Theater Catalog (HTC): the digital catalog in the form of a website containing plays from 1933 to the present that has user specific informative entries and is intended for students, scholars, theater artists, teachers and the general public. This growing catalog of over 750 titles is publicly accessible and as part of the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies at the University of Miami.

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(2) Holocaust Theater Education (HTE): the development of curricula, materials, techniques and workshops for the primary, secondary and higher education levels. HTII/HTE has a collaborative agreement with the USC Shoah Foundation IWitness program and Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO), the Alliance for Jewish Theatre, Theatre Communications Group (TCG) and other strategic and University- based partners to provide national and international educational outreach.

(3) Holocaust Theater Production (HTP): the promotion and facilitation of an increased number of live domestic and international productions, which includes theater works to be recorded for digital access. HTII/HTP acclaimed production The Soap Myth was filmed and is distributed internationally by London-based Digital Theatre and was aired in the U.S. on PBS. NJTF HTII Remembrance Readings program, started in 2015, commemorates Yom HaShoah with simultaneous play readings across the globe of plays chosen by participants from our Holocaust Theater Catalog.

The NJTF/HTII at UM Miller Center, by virtue of its three components, renowned Advisory Board, staff, supporters and partners, endeavors to fill an existing void and provides a critically needed entryway to the intersection of Holocaust scholarship, education and theater arts. Through the use of both technology, teaching and live performance, it will bring together diverse communities to engage on issues pertaining to the Holocaust at a time when our first and immediate connection to these atrocities, the ultimate witness, the living survivors and the moral power they possess, are quickly disappearing.

Future Goals of the NJTF/HTII Holocaust Theater Catalog, Education and Production include:

  1. Expanding international titles and entries in Holocaust Theater Catalog.
  2. Ensuring worldwide exposure, outreach and use of Holocaust Theater Catalog.
  3. Commissioning English translation of HTC plays that exist in other languages.
  4. Commissioning translation of plays currently in English into other languages.
  5. Developing study guides, curricula and educational exercises based on plays contained in HTC and theatrical training techniques.
  6. Create a methodology to integrate HTC educational material into all aspects of Holocaust education.
  7. Promoting the continued production of Holocaust-related plays in theaters throughout the world.
  8. In addition to live production, creating access to Holocaust plays by recording them for the inter-net, screenings and broadcast dissemination.
  9. Creating during Holocaust Remembrance events play readings and productions drawn from material in HTC.
  10. Convening conferences and outreach that educate theater artists, scholars and Holocaust professionals about the NJTF/HTII at UM Miller Center HTC, HTE and HTP purpose, content and contemporary applications.


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