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NJTF HTII Remembrance Readings

Holocaust Theater Production (HTP) features annual Remembrance Day Play Readings (RR) and performances of Holocaust plays, scenes, monologues and verbatim testimony selected by participants from the Holocaust Theater Catalog. They are held in commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27th, Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Kristallnacht November 9th & 10th. Organizations are also welcome to participate on other date(s) that are both feasible and beneficial to their collective constituencies and participants. Remembrance Readings do not require lengthy rehearsals, expensive production values and have involved theaters, artists, libraries, Holocaust educators, schools, universities, places of worship, JCCs, memorial museums and general public. We suggest these readings be followed by a panel discussion with the audience to provide a deeper understanding of the play content, context, themes and contemporary relevance. They can be done in modest or elaborate settings by diverse participants of all ages. Remembrance Readings have been done by very experienced actors to those with limited or no formal theater training.

2024 ReLaunch Remembrance Readings: The Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) bi-annual conference was held in Miami Florida,  January, 2023. More than 100 national leaders in the field of Holocaust awareness and education convened. Presenters included Theatre Communications Group (TCG) Executive Director, Teresa Eyring and Susan Myers, President of AHO. Both publicly reaffirmed their commitment to National Jewish Theater Foundation (NJTF) Holocaust International Initiative (HTII)  Remembrance Readings (RR).  As a result of this support NJTF HTII will lead three landmark collaborative programs aimed at younger audiences, families and new constituents. 1)Creates for the first time, a formal relationship between Professional Theater Companies and Holocaust Museums. 2) incentivize University Theater Departments to work jointly with Judaic Studies, Religious and History programs and youth organizations like Hillel. 3) Create with leadership of Jewish Community Centers of North America (JCCA),  strategies to train staffs in Remembrance Readings techniques and content.

2024 Remembrance Readings